Our Ministries here at East Heighs are numerous, and the best part is, you can be involved in all of them!

Children's Ministry:

RiseUp Children's Ministry is rooted in Psalms 94:16.  RiseUp Children's Ministry is for children Kindergarten-6th grade.  We want our kids here at East Heights to have a personal relationship with God, and other Christians.  Worhsip here is a fun, high-energy atmosphere where children learn Bible truths in a fun way.  Check out more inforamtion by clicking the Children's Ministry Tab.


Student Ministry:

God has blessed our Student Ministry here at East Heights. This program is for 7th-12th graders.  We try to do things that are fun, relevant, and exciting while teaching Bible truths.  To accomplish this we offer a number of chances to get involved.  To see how, click on the Student Ministry tab.


Worship Ministry:

Worship at East Heights is more than just some 'singing and preaching'.  It's about presenting our lives to a HUGE, LOVING GOD as a humble sacrifce for Him to work in and through to change the world.  Click on our Worship Ministry tab to see how you can get involved.


Senior Adult Ministry:

The Senior Adult Ministry is great!  They go on numberous trips, and have weekly activities.  They have VIP, which meets every fourth Thursday in the Children's Building at 11:30a.m.  This is a time of fun, fellowship, and etertainment.  They have Game Day, which meets every second Tuesday in the Children's Building at 12:30p.m.  This is a time of fun and fellowship with refreshments. 


Women's Ministry:

For the Women Ministries we have some great opportunities for women to get involved.  We have WMU, Women's Missionary Union, that meets every first Tuesday at 10:00a.m. in the Children's Building.  We have a Sewing Ministry that meets weekly on Wednesdays in the Sewing Room.  We also have a Banner Ministry that meets weekly on Mondays.